you will received the following cards

Card number Name Rarity QTY
IGAS-EN001 Pikari @Ignister Secret Rare 1
IGAS-EN002 Bururu @Ignister Rare 3
IGAS-EN003 Doyon @Ignister Ultra Rare 2
IGAS-EN004 Achichi @Ignister Secret Rare 1
IGAS-EN005 Hiyari @Ignister Common 3
IGAS-EN006 Doshin @Ignister Common 3
IGAS-EN007 Donyoribo @Ignister Common 3
IGAS-EN034 Water Leviathan @Ignister Common 3
IGAS-EN041 Earth Golem @Ignister Rare 3
IGAS-EN042 Wind Pegasus @Ignister Super Rare 3
IGAS-EN044 Light Dragon @Ignister Super Rare 3
IGAS-EN045 Dark Templar @Ignister Ultra Rare 2
IGAS-EN046 Fire Phoenix @Ignister Rare 3
IGAS-EN050 Ignister A.I.Land Secret Rare 1
IGAS-EN052 A.I.dle Reborn Rare 3
IGAS-EN053 A.I.Love Yousion Rare 3
IGAS-EN054 A.I.'s Ritual Common 3
IGAS-EN069 A.I. Shadow Common 3


Brand Konami
Shipping Weight 0.0010kg
Unit Of Measure ea