You will recevie the folow cards



Card number Name Rarity QTY
LED6-EN000 Dark Magician Girl Common 3
LED6-EN001 The Dark Magicians Ultra Rare 1
LED6-EN002 Magicians' Souls Ultra Rare 1
LED6-EN003 Soul Servant Ultra Rare 2
LED6-EN004 Secrets of Dark Magic Rare 3
LED6-EN005 Magicians' Combination Ultra Rare 2
LED6-EN006 Magician of Dark Illusion Rare 3
LED6-EN007 Apprentice Illusion Magician Super Rare 2
LED6-EN008 Magician's Rod Common 3
LED6-EN009 Dark Magical Circle Common 3
LED6-EN010 Illusion Magic Common 3
LED6-EN011 Magician Navigation Rare 3



Brand Konami
Shipping Weight 0.0010kg