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Have TCG cards, Collectibles or even video games for sale?

We buy them all! Simply Contact Us to discuss , we offer either cash or store credit :)

Please have images of items for sale ready

To view or buy list, click the google sheet below 

YGO Buy List 




As a general rule of thumb for off loading bulk to us

Cards need to be sorted in rarity, unsorted bulk will incured an admin fees depending on the size of the bulk that got send to us


1000 commons = $10

1000 rares = $20

1000 holos (secret, super, ultra etc) = $50


1000 non holo commons/uncommon  = $20
1000 holo/reverse holos = $50
bulk rare cards 2 ea including the following

  • EX
  • GX
  • VMAX
  • V
  • Brilliant Star Trainer Gallery cards (set number xx/TG30)
  • Cosmic Eclipse secret rare tag Team cards ( pokemon with trainer cards)

EXCLUDING CELEBRATION PROMO Vs listed below, these are priced at $1 each instead

  • Zamazenta V - 18/25 - Ultra Rare &
  • Zacian V - 16/25 - Ultra Rare
  • Surfing Pikachu V - 8/25 - Ultra Rare
  • Flying Pikachu V - 6/25 - Ultra Rare

postage is covered for value over

- $100 for bulk submission

- $50 for single cards


payment terms
  • Bank transfer/ PayID payment only on delivery for mail submission; paypal F&F payment can be used if preferred, payment will be processed once cards are inspected
  • upfront payment only via paypal goods & services payment and fees are not covered
  • payout is +15% for store credit; only available for payment after mail submission arrives
address to send to below
VIC 3172