Victini V Battle Deck
Burn Strong and Burn Bright—with Victini V!

Get ready to ignite a massive blaze and then keep Victini V well supplied with fuel for the fire! With Chatot picking up some extra Fire Energy and Cinderace grabbing more from the discard pile, you’ve got a Fire-type deck that knows how to burn quickly and keep the fires hot. Ninetales, Turtonator, and Scorbunny add extra heat to the Victini V Battle Deck!


Each deck consists of 60 cards and come packaged with a deck box, damage counters, a single-player playmat, a rules booklet, a Quick Guide, three reference cards, an extra-large-sized coin, and a code card to unlock a digital version of it in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. The combined product includes eight additional Trainer cards, a guide to integrate them, and another TCGO code card.


Brand Pokemon
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg

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